Lessons From the Art is located at

  • 189 N. Main Street
  • Iola, WI 54945
  • 715-340-2136
  • tammiejo.berg@gmail.com

“Lessons from the Art” came about because of a need in our local area. The high school has a great choral and band program, but there are no opportunities for private enhancement in the immediate area. In addition, Waupaca and Portage Counties are endowed with a plethora of artists, willing to share their expertise. The more I talked with people, the more this idea developed to the point of offering lessons and classes to all ages across a multitude of mediums.

My name is Tammie Jo Berg. Music has been a part of my life since I was born. My dad played in a country band and gave various lessons, my mom gave accordion lessons, and my uncle played in a 60′s rock band. My dad put a guitar in my hand when I was 5 years old and I haven’t put it down since. I also play hammered dulcimer, string bass, some keyboard, harp and various percussion.

For the past 15 years I was part of Chambray. Chambray is 4 ladies weaving harmonies together creating a fabric of melodies. We released 2 CDs: Chambray, and Chambray Christmas. Currently I play with 2 other lovely ladies (Peggy Miller and Julie Oligney) in the “folky/Christian” genre. We are called Sisters in Song.

I am a real estate agent (my real job) and teach yoga classes. I also run a non-profit global outreach association called One Small Drop that operates in Tanzania, Africa. (You can look here for more info on One Small Drop.)

I’m married to Brian Derus. I have 3 great kids. Son – Zach, and 2 daughters – Alex and Paige.

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